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We've found that companies in the revenue range aren't a great fit four our product because the accounting systems tend to not have a robust enough database that is a requirement for Synoptix to run optimally. Secondly, the cost of our solution will typically exceed expectations. You might consider a solution more suited to your level of need such as F9 or Biznet. If you'd still like more information, please feel free to call one of our sales associates.

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Reporting Labor Costs Hrs/Wk

  • Creating financial reports
  • Time spent correcting errors
  • Report distribution
  • Cost of Losses, Errors, Etc.

  • Report validation
  • Report research & understanding
  • Time sorting multiple versions of the truth
  • IT Hours

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• Synoptix is a financial reporting engine that integrates with your existing ERP.
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• The data is extracted in real-time to a website interface.
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• Our web interface is like a supercharged spreadsheet.  It allows you to schedule reports and drill down into financial records.
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• This dynamic access to financial data allows decision makers to better control their bottom line, 
and prevent lost revenue.
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