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See what others are accomplishing using Synoptix in the case studies below.

Customer 360
Before this report, they were in the dark about what their customers wanted, and they were making buying decisions based only on assumptions, rather than actual customer data.

Now, they can use this report to help project what their customers want before an order is placed. Because of this, their customers can receive orders quicker and on time. They can also project their company's cash-flow.

Material Supply / Demand

They were often ordering quantities of items that they were not using, losing money on unnecessary orders. It had been a challenge to manage inventory levels and order only what they needed when they needed it.

They can now see whether they need to purchase something or if they can manufacture it in house, based on historical supply and demand.  This resulted in greater efficiencies, on-time orders and happier customers across the board.



Customer Margin Contribution
They didn't even think to ask themselves, "Which customers are profitable?" As a result, they never knew which customers were working best for them.

They can now determine each customer's level of profitibility.


Income Statement
Before Synoptix, they had several challenges creating technical reports.  Producing reports on their own turned into a arduous and time-intensive process.

Now they can easily create a reports, such as income statements, without needing assistance.



Income Statement - Prior Year
Before this software, it took them hours to create reports, and even then, they didn't always get the information they needed.

Now, they create reports easily. This specific report is used in yearly buckets. They used spreadsheet functionality, making their ratios easy to calculate.

Master Production Schedule

They struggled with the challenge of balancing supply and demand. They found it especially challenging to determine realistic future supply and demand levels.

Now, Synoptix reports tell them what they are capable of manufacturing in a month month based on amount of capacity. The demand is "what they've sold". They can now project the supply and demand to more efficiently meet their customer's needs.



Production Variance Report by Product
They were having a difficult time managing costs (e.g. manufacturing costs and merchandise pricing). 

They now have raw data the shows how much it costs to manufacture something, what it actually costs, and the difference. It also helps them make pricing decisions based on bulk purchases.

Project Profit & Loss

As a large company with many teams, they had a hard time calculating actual margins for each team and project. It was a hassle to  work with each team leader to manually figure out numbers.

Now they have income statements based on projects. It shows how much they're making on each project, what they charge, and how much they're spending.


Sales Analysis by State
Their sales managers, CFO, and CEO wanted a report to monitor sales by state.

Using Synoptix, they were able to create a simple report that gave them the snapshot they needed.

Sales Order Standard vs. Actual Costs Analysis

They needed a comprehensive breakdown of specific material, labor, outplant and burden costs by sales order.

They now have the ability on a real-time basis to see if the costs of an order are going up. For example, they can see how well they're managing the costs just 15 days into the order.