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Comprehensive Package

Comprehensive Package


  • Guided Installation of Tomcat Server
  • Administration Training
  • Delivered Reports (5)

** Consultants must be able to pull from data that resides in ODS or SQL Server. The report information must be provided in the desired example format. ODS should be set up with required tables or additional fee may be applied for importing the tables. Additional discovery may apply, see consultant for more information.



  • 1099 Reports
  • Spend by Suppliers (Top 10)


  • Payroll by Check and Advice
  • Payroll by GL
  • Payroll by Department
  • Benefits by Department
  • Benefits by Object

Fixed Assets 

  • Fixed Asset Depreciation 
  • Fixed Assets by Type and Category
  • Fixed Assets Year-to-Year Comparison

Cash Receipts

  • Cash Receipts by Department
  • Cash Receipts by Object
  • Cash Receipts by Source
  • Cash Receipts by Student

Student Billing 

  • Invoices by Department
  • Invoices by Object
  • Invoices by Student
  • Billing by Course Sections
  • Billing by Term
  • Student Billing by Enrollment Type


  • Project Summary with Revenue and Expenses
  • Project Detail by GL
  • Project Detail by Object
  • Purchase Orders and Blanket Purchase Orders
  • PO by Department
  • PO by Object
  • PO by Vendor

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid by Department
  • Financial Aid by Object
  • Financial Aid by Source
  • Financial Aid by Student